Black And White!

more than colourless…

"Spin Around III” , 80x80x5 cm

“Spin Around II”, 80x80x5 cm

"Spin Around I” 80x80x5 cm

“Spin Around IV”, 80x80x5cm 

Black Series, 60x60x5 cm

White Series , each 60x60x5 cm

Black Series, 60x60x5 cm

White Series, 60x60x5 cm

Dream big, never return! 1 of 4, 80x80x5 cm!

 Impressions, 2022, Hamburg 

Do it your way!  60x60x4 cm

"Abstraktes Mandala II“, 60x60x2 cm

„Tissue“, 110x80x2 cm

Mr. and Mrs, 100x80x2 cm

Duo Mr. and Mrs. (wear a party dress), each 70x50x5 cm

„Papillon“, 80x60x2 cm

"Nothing more to get“ 60x50x2 cm

„Black Pearl“ 2019, 60x60x5 cm,